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Images from here, there and everywhere.                                                         

Grand Tetons, Wyoming ~ Truly God's Country

Grand Tetons. Wyoming ~ Summer or fall it has beauty!

New Zealand ~ Deer are raised as Americans raise Cattle. 

St. Lucia ~ Man! did the wind blow on my side of the island.

Indio, California ~ Green with Snow.. who knew?

Taupo, New Zealand ~ Hulka Falls

Continental Divide, Colorado ~ Can you see Kansas? 

LeCebia, Honduras ~ Mist crawling over the cloud forest.

Indio, California ~ Opening of a 40 vs 40 exhibition polo match.


Taupo, New Zealand ~ Blues and Greens with white dots of sheep

California Coast ~ The bridge is the famous Highway 101.

Telluride, Colorado  ~ I made xmas cards, the year before,  almost exactly like this banner.


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