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Where abouts:
Colorado~July 1st/Feb 7
Roatan~Feb 7th/Mar 19th
Colorado~Mar 20th/Sept 30
I may take a road trip to Canada at some point 
between April and October

Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras. A bit of a second home for me. 

I need to get the next few switched out soon... still under construction. 
Taupo, New Zealand ~ Hulka Falls ~ The water is the most amazing blue.
LeCebia, Honduras ~ I was up every morning before the sun to watch the mist crawl over the mountains.
Indio, California ~ Opening of a 40 vs 40 exhibition polo match.
St. Thomas, Virgin Island ~ On the cruise ship route it is.
Taupo, New Zealand ~ I was there for Oct, Nov, Dec of 1987. I think I saw the sun twice, this was one of those days.
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