The HouseSitter

Specializing in peace of mind for you and your pets.
 I am a professional pet sitter from North America                             
             turned international house/pet/business sitter.

I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, single female of forty-seven years. I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, gardening, hiking, biking, swimming, horseback riding and photography are among them. I read, enjoy cooking and am considering writing a book. I am honest, enthusiastic, conscientious and a fast learner with a sense of humor.

I have been living out of a back pack in other peoples homes for just over six years. It is more of a life style than a job…it so completely agrees with me I wake up giggling every morning. I love the challenge of learning a new thing at the speed of light , then attempting to make it all work.
Over the past six years I have been the chosen house sitter for clients in Colorado, Virginia, California, Ireland and a small island off the coast of Honduras called Roatan. For those clients I have cared for home, pets, (large and small) plants, gardens,  mail, cell phones, generators, pools, cars, maids and gardeners. I have been a property manager for rental homes on a island with questionable power and a phone answering/invoicing person for a wine distribution business in Colorado. I was left alone for a week in a high end jewelry/gift store working daily 9am to 6pm along with walking two huge fluffy fun dogs, caring for two cats and two talking birds.

***Elvis and Gracie, He is twelve weeks old and she is eight. The two of them together are far more fun than you might imagine. Two truly is easier than one.They were rescued from a bad situation after one of  the recent hurricanes.
***Miss Madison,  you would never know it to look at her but this gal is one Busy Busy bee. Her very most favorite thing is to go hiking in the hills so she can run to and fro, to and fro. I swear she puts three times the miles on her feets than I do on mine.
***Tula, doesn't understand people are not furniture. She will come scatter bash about a corner and launch herself toward the couch without a worry in the world what she might land on. The gal is worth a giggle or two. 
People often ask how I became an international house/pet/business sitter. My first response was "Lots of hard work" with a added "God must have done it" The more I was asked, the more I thought about improving my reply. Most recently I have said,

"Some times you are in the right place at the right time and make the right choice, then ya end up with the coolest job in the world."

After answering the question several zillion times I came up with a reason for my being the person people ask back over and over. Why I am the person asked to be the alternate for their lives. Why I am the person people arrange their big vacations around. I think I finally have the answer. Here it is...ready?

"Some people sing, some people dance, some people are very good with numbers.
I inspire trust."

People naturally, completely trust me. They trust me to be responsible for anything and every thing they leave in my care. And I do, to my very best ability to the nth degree, I care for all they choose to leave me with.

***Bailey, Sir Typical Cat, was always wanting to help me update my blog, be the center of my attention or maybe he just likes the hum of my computer.  He is one of my very most favorite kitty friends.

**Bordi and his brothers, Bailey, Boca, Buddy and a sister named Biskit live on a island off the coast of Honduras. Bordi can nap through about anything, his brother Boca is out in the garden hunting, cause after all that is what Boca's do. 

Some people sing, some people dance, some people are very good with numbers. 
I inspire trust.

I am so very grateful a higher power choose to give me this gift. 
Now,  after 40 years of working two-three jobs, I am able to explore the world as a stand-in to peoples lives, so they too can explore the world.

Nice bit of symmetry there don’t ya think?

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